Jared Leto and Pals

One of my favorite bands is Thirty Seconds to Mars. If you’ve never listened to them before, what have you been doing with your life?!?

I’d describe their music as grand, sweeping, very ambitious haha. IDK they just seem to always want to do something really big and make a statement with their songs. I think really reflects the personality of their lead singer, Jared Leto. There’s a reason why I called this post Jared Leto and Pals, let’s be honest here, no one really knows who the other members of the band are, except for maybe hardcore fans. For those that don’t know him, Jared is also a well-known actor who’s had some really memorable roles in the past. Some of my favorite:

  • Steve Prefontaine in “Prefontaine”: good movie but not as good as “Without Limits”, which was great
  • Super-blond guy in “Fight Club”
  • And most recently, the cross-dressing/transgender character Rayon in “Dallas Buyer’s Club”, for which I believe he won an Academy Award

The point is, he’s had some really notable roles and he can definitely hold his own as an actor. Actually, I’d say he’s an actor first and a musician second. But, as the lead singer, he brings some serious heat – it’s hard to imagine a singer bringing more energy to their performances on a consistent basis then Jared Leto. He’s frenetic, borderline crazy during shows and he does a great job amping up the crowd’s energy accordingly. He’s always super entertaining, routinely coming out in crazy flamboyant outfits, some of which look like he’s wearing a rug 🙂 Who knows maybe it’s cause I just had the carpets cleaned at my apartments by these guys… It’s clear he’s really embracing the rockstar persona and plays it up all the way.

The only drawback is it seems he borders on going to far with things, and one can’t help but wonder if all the fame and glory has gone to his head. As much as I like him, I can’t help but think that his ego has gotten out of control; which I guess in a good way leads to these grand performances and music videos. But you wonder what he’s really like as a person. Maybe it’s a generalization, but just based on his music persona it’s hard to believe that he would be humble or down to earth kind of guy.

But hey, I guess if there’s one type of person who should be embracing that role, it’s that of a rock star haha. And specifically, the lead singer of a famous rock band! So you can’t really hold it against him – I mean, what would it be like if he was quite and just a normal dude. BORING. And I’m sure Thirty Seconds to Mars wouldn’t be where they are right now, rocking faces off their fans.

If they’re new to you and you wanna check out some of their best songs, I recommend the following:

  • This is War
  • The Kill (sweet video btw, inspired by the classic Stephen King movie the Shining)
  • Kings and Queens
  • And by far their best song IMO, Closer to the Edge:

For whatever reason, this particular music video gets me going EVERY time I listen to it, I could put it on a constant loop and I swear I would stay hyped up the entire time. It’s honestly one of my favorite songs/videos ever. Some flippin cool visuals, and you really get a sense for a feel of one of their shows and how dedicated their fans are.

Especially the kid standing on top of the crowd lol.