The Ubiquity of Fall Out Boy

It seems like everywhere you look now, Fall Out Boy’s music is being used in some sort of licensed agreement. Commercials, TV shows, and seemingly EVERYWHERE especially with sports broadcasts.

Catchy as it may be, I eventually wanted to bash my head against a wall after the 844,563 times I heard “Light Em’ Up” during the 2014 NHL Playoffs on, especially on NBCSN. I mean honestly, NBC couldn’t spring for a second song, for goodness sakes???

I will say, there’s no denying that these guys are some serious hitmakers. From what I can tell, pretty much anything they put out there is a smash hit. If you’re playing the game “Hit or Hurting” (a game created by the Sports Junkies out of Washington, D.C. and a radio show that I listen to on a daily basis), these guys are nothing but “hit”. And even more, some of their best songs IMO aren’t even the popular ones you hear all the time on the radio.

Check out “Phoenix”, good stuff:

Not embarrassed to say that this song gets me nodding my head lol.

For some reason, people always seem to think that Pete Wentz is the frontman, but he’s actually the bass player. Probably just because he’s done some high-profile dating and so he has a higher Q rating. Patrick Stump is actually the lead singer, and he’s a good fit for that type of music. But not exactly the choice I’d make for the National Anthem, which he sang at a Chicago Bears game last year.

Right now, the song du jour that loves to get stuck in my head incessantly is “Uma Thurman.” Ugh. Not that it’s not a good song, but I guess I just HATE when songs get suck in my head hahaha…